Coldest December in 60 years

They say Global Warming like it is a bad thing, but right about now I’m thinking bring it right on.

Niwa has released figures that show December 2006 was the coldest for 60 years.
[quote]"Temperatures were 2 to 3degC below normal throughout New Zealand during the first half of the month, with little change during the last two weeks[/quote]
Now I hesitate to point out that that 60 years covers the Global Cooling predicament we were all facing in the seventies, you know the one, the predicament that was going to doom the planet.

It also covers the Global Warming phase that is supposed to doom the planet as well. Both of course are caused by the exact same things!!! I kid you not they are….just go to Wikipedia for "global cooling" and "global warming" and check out the causes. Exactly the fucking same…where I come from this is called bullshit. I am not kidding, exactly the fucking same.

Anyway, being a "Climate Change Denier", a title I wear proudly, I say stuff the friggin’ Polar Bears, they best adapt, real fast, I want Global Fucking Warming, and I want it right fucking now.