Fran O'Sullivan bitchslaps Jordan on his own Blog

Labour lickspittle Jordan Carter took exception to Fran O’Sullivan’s erudite piece on the lack of moral fibre currently besetting the Labour Party.

Jordan squaels like a little piggy at the best of times but when one attacks his beloved and "perfect" Labour party he get more shrill than usual.

What Jordan forgot when he wrote is little squeal is that Fran is a "Right Wing Blogger", she must be because Helen said so, and thus she also reads the blogs.

Fran gives Jordan a right good slap in the comments section.
[quote]You choose to filter this through your own prism: Whether speaking up would do any good for the Labour Party or the people who vote for it. Surely you can see a wider picture?

If you thought Labour was taking the wrong stance why not say so. It’s hardly as if you would have been taken outside the back of the Beehive and shot in the neck!

Arguably there would have been an earlier course correction by the Government if people like you had raised your heads. In that way the issue wouldn’t have dominated for so long and closure could have been achieved earlier with less damage to your party.[/quote]

Nice one Fran, join the list of "bloggers" to share a cell with Tim Selwyn, for daring to have an opinion that differs from the Troll.