I caught a whopper

There I was out on the kayak "winkling". "Winkling" for the un-initiated is searching the low tide mark for Cats-eyes, Whelks and Kina for a good boil up…not the kina, I eat those raw.

Tutukaka harbour has an abundance of all especially the kina.

Anyway back to my story, there I was winkling and all of a sudden I hooked a 120 kg Australian. Yep I did, well ok, he hooked himself. The lure was his lower set of dentures which the fricken useless dentist has manufactured with incredibly sharp and barbed spikes which had all of a sudden gone through the base of my Father in law’s tongue…sort of a self piercing attempt. The amount of blood was something to be believed.

After some attempts to "unhook" him we decided to go for help. Fortunately we use Navman equipment and after selecting Whangarei Hospital we headed off. Incidentally it is 27.4 kilometres from where we are staying to Whangarei Hospital.

Did I say how good Navman’s are? It took us straight to the entrance of the Emergency Department. We went straight in.

The ED at Whangarei is pretty good. The service was excellent and the offending denture was removed. Once the bleeding stopped we returned home around midnight. A round trip of over 50k’s and a trip to one of our nation’s better hospitals I think.

While at the ED a piss head was delivered up by an ambulance. He was such a cunt they needed two constables, two security guards and several burly male nurses to help him. They should have left the fucker to bleed out, fucking oxygen thief.