I don't have a guilty secret

I don’t have a guilty secret in my garage.

Nup, no guilt and no secret.

Here is a list of all the petrol and diesel sucking vehicles at my disposal for my revving pleasure.

  • BMW 740i – V8 powerhouse that lays rubber like no tomorrow.
  • BMW 318i – The missus drives this
  • Nissan Diesel ute – for pulling the jetski
  • Polaris Jetski – Petrol driven super fast scary fun
  • Numerous trucks for carting stuff around Auckland
  • Grader – this thing is seriously scary to drive around suburban Auckland and real bad for dogs, but that is another story.
  • 5 tonne Roller
  • 12 tonne Digger
  • 2 x 3.5 tonne diggers
  • Holden Grange V8 supercharged to over 500hp – serious fuel sucking beast. This car rocks.

I just checked my conscience…still no guilt, not one little bit.

Still John Key wins the quote of the week competition with this pearler. "I wouldn’t mind selling it, but because the kids have trashed it, its re-sale value is right up there with Taito Phillip Field’s memoirs,"

Climate change denier? Yep thats me, front and centre.