MCC in Tonga – Round 4

Not content with issuing missives from his magisterial office overlooking the fiefdom, Lord Mayor, Bishop, el Jefe, Sir Barry Curtis has clearly enlisted the aid of Labour lickspittles to assist his cause in sending already overworked council staff of on a little sojourn to Tonga.

The latest supporter is non other than Otara’s Manukau City Councilor, Su’a William Sio, who incidentally is 3rd in line to enter off the Labour Party list. A unionist, and someone who obviously cares more about Tonga than his own city.

Of course he resorts to throwing racist slurs about accusing the Councilors that are opposed to The Lord Mayor’s directives from the Ivory Tower of "anything to do with Maori or Pacific peoples".

Whoospy, I guess you forgot that Cr Ross is a Maori.