Meddling Feckin' Priests

After all the shit heaped upon old soldiers by this government the last thing you would expect would be to have an Anglican Priest desecrate the memory of an old soldier at his own funeral, but that is exactly what has happened.

Crusader Rabbit has all the details.

The priest, who shall not remain nameless had the audacity to forget the name of the deceased not once but three times, he then proceeded in his eulogy to bring up internal church politics and then to add insult to injury omitted the Last Post for our old soldier.

Jimmy his grandson comments;
[quote]As this beloved gentlemans only grandson i would like to add my personal thanks to you for posting this blog so others maybe aware of what this man has done. During the service i had to physically restrain myself from taking any action against this man for fear of disrespecting my grandfather, my family and the RNZAF(who’s uniform i was wearing). I am not a violent man by nature, but my jaw dropped and my fists were clenched at the words spilling from this mans mouth on a day that was suppose to honour my grandfather’s life and be closure for his family and friends.[/quote]

Just so we all know who this disprespecting arsehole is his name is Lloyd Cullen and he can be written to at:
10/25 Roseberry Ave Birkenhead 1310.

if you are so inclined to do as Crusader Rabbit has done and phone the arsehole, then his telephone number (09) 480 2885 for those overseas our country code is 64.

Lloyd Cullen’s boss is the Rt Reverend John Campbell Paterson. He can be reached at the Archdiocese office email: [email protected]
(go on click the link, you know you want to)