Ok, I have heard enough

Ok I have heard enough of the posturing and the threats.

Now the MSM have taken yup the Government line that CYFSWATCH is defamatory. I have to ask, how so, is it proven in a court or is it just because you say so. If there is defamation, how about you trot off to a court and prove it….of course you wouldn’t want that because it might just be true and then where would you be.

I beleive that there is enough on the site now to warrant nothing less than a Royal Commission to investigate CYF.

It doesn’t hold anyone in any confidence that when challenged a Government department resorts to bullying, intimidation and legal processes to shut up the complainer, exactly the type of behaviour being outed on the website.

In fact the phrase "methinks, the department doth protest too much" springs to mind.

What next? Bloggers? You bet. Watch your backs Fellas and Fellesses the govmint is watching you.