Outstanding Press Release

It is bad enough when you silly little stunt gets snapped. It is worse when everyone mocks you for it.
[quote]PR: Young Nationals concerned for welfare of Beehive staff

The Young Nationals have today lodged a complaint with Occupational Safety and Health on behalf of all the Government press secretaries in the Beehive.

"We’re very concerned that these press secretaries have been forced to spend all day on a keyboard, voting against John Key. Their employer should not be requiring them to endanger their health like this" said Young Nationals President Matthew Patterson.

Mr Patterson is referring to revelations in the Dominion Post today that over 17,000 votes in a Dominion Post online poll came from parliamentary computers.

"Did their overseers ensure that they took proper breaks of at least ten minutes every hour? Were they provided with ergonomically correct keyboards to facilitate their multiple online voting activities?"

"We call on the Department of Labour to investigate these practices and ensure Government press secretaries are not being put unduly at risk" [/quote]