Right Wing Blogger does it again

Right Wing Blogger Fran O’Sullivan has once again burst the Killer Queens bubble.

Today in the Herald she opines that only a purge will save the Killer Queen.
[quote]Wanted: Business people, successful entrepreneurs, military men, scientists, accountants, farmers, diplomats and even a few lawyers, a Tim Finn or a Sam Neill to revitalise my Government.

"You don’t need to spend 10 years debating policy at scruffy Labour Party conferences, be a union activist, campaign organising to get my lesser lights back into electorate seats (I’d rather you didn’t). Or help Mike Williams with his whip around to pay back our 2005 election bills.

"All you need is proven talent, passion, an urge to make New Zealand into a dynamic place, an understanding of what social justice means, and the cojones to stand up to your political superiors when necessary and challenge us to stay fresh ourselves after nearly three terms in Government.

"And a profile.

"Mike and I will ready the departure lounge for the has beens and never beens.

"Welcome to a place on Labour’s list, and by the way you had better join the party."[/quote]

Fat chance of those types joining up to the party of mediocrity, they are exactly the types that Labour has slammed for the last 8 years. they’ll just sit there and flip the proverbial bird.

As Andrei commented on another post "Helen Clark wants Labour’s up-and-coming talent to be placed in higher slots on the party’s list – a move that could hasten the exit of some long-serving MPs pondering retirement." His definition of up-and-coming is so precise it beggars belief how he cottoned on to Labour’s secret strategy.