Some people are born arseholes

I get my lawns mowed by IHC.

I do so for a number of reasons.

  1. I am too damn lazy to do it myself.
  2. They do a good job
  3. It is the same price as any of the so called professionals
  4. They do a better job than any of the so called professionals
  5. It keep 6 intellectually disabled adults busy doing something they can feel worthwhile about.

Therefore is angers me to the point of violence that I found out today while they were mowing my lawns that some arsehole broke into their store over Christmas and nicked everything in there remotely associated with lawn mowing. They stole their trailer, their mowers, their weed whackers, the edgers, everything. Fucking arseholes!

The guys are really upset, they have been delayed in getting to the customers and the borrowed mowers etc don’t do as a good a job as they would like. Yes they actually have pride in their work.

So two things;

  1. If you are the arseholes who nicked their gear, rot in hell and hope I never track you down.
  2. If you can assist in getting these guys equipped with appropriate machinery please contact me on whaleoilbeefhooked at gmail dot com.