Tonga – Round 6

His Highness, Lord Mayor, El Jefe, Mayor for life, Sir Barry Curtis now has a councilor rebellion on his hands.

Good on the following councilors for standing up to the old man: Jami-Lee Ross (Howick), Dick Quax (Botany-Clevedon), Bob Wichman (Papatoetoe), Neil Morrison (Pakuranga), David Collings (Pakuranga), Jan Sinclair (Botany-Clevedon), and Sylvia Taylor (Mangere).

An emergency council meeting will soon be held to discuss the decision by Manukau Mayor Sir Barry Curtis to commit ratepayer resources to rebuilding efforts in Tonga.

Howick Councilor Jami-Lee Ross says the extraordinary meeting of the Manukau City Council will be held on Tuesday 30 January after he and other unhappy councilors demanded a say on the controversial decision.

Silly old duffer, best he scuttles under a rock somewhere.