Tonga – Round 7

The MSM has finally caught up with this blog over the ongoing spat between Lord Mayor for life, El Jefe, He who must be obeyed, Sir Barry Curtis and what is now a fair chunk of his councilors over his barmy decision to send council staff to repair Tonga’s capital.

[quote]"It’s really not the role of the local authority to be enacting foreign policy on behalf of the New Zealand Government. Our role is to provide services to our residents and ratepayers of Manukau City. It certainly does not extend to helping rebuild the capital city of Tonga." – Cr Ross[/quote]

Quite right councilor, quite right.

Labour lickspittle Su’a William Sio also has his ridiculous racist statement re-iterated about councilors traditionally opposing anything to do with Maori or Pacific peoples. Wake up fool!!! One of those councilors is a Maori.