When is an election promise not actually a promise?

Well, when Labour issues it actually.

This will be one of their pledges that won’t come through.

The vaunted Early Child Care package is turning out to be a massive flop with up to 47% of centres either unable or unwilling to offer places.

Ministry of Education papers suggest centres covering 14 per cent of New Zealand will not offer the free hours.

Early forecasts have also predicted that centres covering 47 per cent of the country had little or no capacity to meet additional demand expected under the free hours policy.

Rural areas were considered the most likely to be unable to provide free hours, although a plan to let kohanga reo with qualified teachers into the scheme could change that.

Labour campaigned strongly on its 20 hours of free education for 3 and 4-year-olds policy for the 2005 election. Now it looks like it was yet another ill-concieved election bribe.