Why I won't consort with the enemy

The seems to be this keen-ness for blog drinks with namby-pamby cotton wool socialist wankers.

I for one will not attend. I consider it to be tantamount to consorting with the enemy.

I loathe and detest the apologists of the left. Their arrogant holier than thou spouting about “progressive” policies, their silent approval of crooks and thugs and the tacit approval of theft from the public purse precludes me from sharing a room let alone a drink with these oxygen thieves.

I am not a polite person, if I meet fools I am almost obliged to tell them that they are so. It would actually be hypocritical of me to consort with the enemy.

Lickspittles like Jordan actually make me sick with their blind allegiance to the Killer Queen. I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire, I certainly won’t share a drink with them.

I prefer the company of people I actually like or admire and share common goals. Socialists by and large sicken me with their pursuit of mediocrity. In fact socialist is probably too good a name for them. Perhaps I will start calling them mediocratists.

Unions and the current Government are the epitome of the mediocratists debasing our society to the point where a large proportion are actually now bludgers from the state. We no longer celebrate greatness, we seek to punish it.

Wealth is the great evil, we must all be forced to part with it.

I on the other hand find wealth liberating. The more wealth I have the less I find that I care two hoots about the government of the day. The government actually hardly touches my life anymore nor that of my friends. It does however touch my employees and my customers in ways that disgust me.

That is why I blog to draw attention to that which others are too afraid or unwilling to say. That is my reputation in life to say that which is uncomfortable. I do not resile from it. I am known for my bluntness and that is the usual persona taken on this blog. I prefer to use few words to describe what others would take many to. It certainly doesn’t mean I can’t use flowery words or sentence structure because I can, I simply choose to be short and blunt.

That in essence sums up why I will never consort with the enemy. You can stick your drinks up your arse.

On the other hand if true conservative blogger want to organise drinks with a token socialist whose role will simply be a pinata for us to whack then I am in with a grin.