Auckland City Council seeking lesbians

The Auckland City Council is seeking lesbians.

I kid you not. It seems that they through Lindsey Rea, Chair of the Eden/Albert Community Board, wants to know what the City should be doing to better support GLBT communities.

The second Auckland City Council LGBT network meeting is planned for this Thursday, and organisers are keen for a better turnout by lesbians this time. Apparently  "It is important that lesbian voices are heard as part of this network", says Rea.

And the naughty lesbians have been to the meetings, but have not been well enough represented. Tsk, Tsk, You better get along to those meeting lickety-split.

Perhaps the council is listening with what appears to be the return of the Hero Parade to Auckland. One wonders if the Mayor, who thought that Boobs on Bikes was "morally repugnant" will feel similarly disposed toward a bunch of dressed up nancies prancing through his fair city.

Me I don’t care, Boobs, bikes, blokes, queens, trannies, whatever, what I am opposed to is hypocrisy. Let ’em all parade as far as I am concerned.