Blogger Bash – How about it?

Over at Farrars, Phil U had the temerity to allude to the fact that Murray and I are gay which we are not….he was of course backed up by that other socialist coward Sonic when I quite justifiably took offense at the uncalled for attack by the half-sucked throatie. If Phil U had made the same comments to anyone in any decent man’s pub he would have had the shit kicked out of him and then been tossed in the gutter for all and sundry to have a kick at, the fact that he made the comments on someones blog and they were completely unrelated to the original posting doesn’t matter one jot to me, a beating is deserved if a beating is deserved. Phil U for his part clearly woke up from his drug induced stupor of the weekend and saw what had been posted and started crying like a baby and mentioning the police as well as over indulging in his over use of punctuation.

Sonic decided that he may take me up on my offer to bash the living shit out of him and/or Phil U (a task that shouldn’t take me too long to achieve) and I have subsequently put some thought into this.

I therefore offer up the following solution.

The Blogger Bash Charity Slug-fest.

Blogger vs. Blogger, Left vs. Right, Red Corner, Blue Corner, Libertarianz as umpires

If Sonic agrees, he will meet me in the ring. then I will pound him legally into the canvas.

I can organise the start of some fundraising and the winning team gets to choose the Charity.

If this is a good idea, or not leave comments as well as volunteers for bouts. I also need a team captain for Team Red. I have a gym organised and for those who need training this can be arranged as well.