Councillors "hopelessly compromised"

Cameron Brewer in the Herald this morning shows how "hopelessly compromised" the councilors who support the billboard ban are.
[quote]However, there comes a point when passionate champions need to step aside, invite the public to have their say, and then assess submissions fairly. Without doubt, the majority of submissions on council’s proposed regulations will disagree with Fryer’s perceived position. These submitters deserve to be given a fair hearing.

Having this councilor chairing the hearings panel is not a fair hearing. It can only be viewed as a kangaroo court, not helped by the fact that the four other panel members have also already voted in favour of the proposed bylaws. None of the councilors who voted against the draft bylaws will hear the public submissions or have a say on the final recommendations.[/quote]

Great democratic processes being exhibited by our elected official huh!