Economics or Government propaganda

Is NCEA the place for Government propaganda?

No, I thought not, then check this out from last years papers.

This is from Achievement Standard 90238 "Demonstrate an awareness of government policies related to economic issues": 

Working for Families is a package that is designed to make it easier to work and raise a family. It provides extra money for many thousands of New Zealand families. Greater financial support is available for:

  • almost all families with children, earning under $70 000 a year
  • many families with children, earning up to $100 000 a year
  • some larger families with children, earning more than $100 000 a year.

(a)     Explain how the Working for Families package might reduce inequality.

The description and content, I believe, were inappropriate and inconsistent with the tone of the rest of the paper.

Further when you look a little deeper it turns out the description is ripped straight from the Ministry of Social Development’s website (here) with no acknowledgment of it.

Question 4(c) and (d) aren’t much better;

The government’s goal is for the adult minimum wage to reach $12 an hour by the end of 2008, if economic conditions permit.
(c) (i) Give TWO reasons for increasing the adult minimum wage.
(ii) Give TWO reasons for not increasing the adult minimum wage.

(d) It has been suggested that the adult minimum wage should be increased to $12 an hour.
Do you think this would be effective?
(Circle your answer.) YES NO
Justify your choice by referring to the impacts of increasing the adult minimum wage.

So there we have it, indoctrination of Government Social Policy Bribes now infests our kids exam papers. is it any wonder that Clark and Co can get away with such crap endlessly.