Even Tui is in on the billboard act

Tui has joined in the Pro-Billboard attack with a brilliant billboard facing the motorway. I guess it is no surprise that they are into this in a big way.

In other news the Action Hobson poodles are being shamed into a u-Turn or flip-flop if you wish.

They called for support from the rest of the council to withdraw the proposed blanket ban on billboards in central Auckland in favour of an improved regulatory regime which would include the removal of signs on designated heritage buildings and tight controls in character areas.

The poodle can’t win with Scott Milne fron C&R Now giving them a good spanking, "Action Hobson councillors have realised they are on a hiding to nothing and now want to cuddle up to the industry they sought to decimate," and the leftists also having a flick at the turncoats with Bruce Hucker uttering this entirely risible profundity, "While Action Hobson may have sincere intentions, they are undermining the integrity of a process we have put in place,".

That would, of course, be the "hopelessly compromised" integrity of a process, eh Bruce?

I think Scott Milne sums up the new turn of events rather nicely, a desperate bid to head off "political suicide". Indeed.