Garth George on the watermelons

Garth George writes considered and conservative articles and todays is no exception.

He writes about the ramming through of Bradford’s anti-smacking bill against the overwhelming tide of public opposition.
[quote]More recently the public majority have been ignored while politicians have, among other things, lowered the drinking age, legalised prostitution and mandated civil unions. And, it should be noted, all but the drinking age law were introduced into Parliament while Labour governments were in power.

However, this is a Green Party initiative and when it comes to social engineering, the pinkish socialists of the Labour Party can’t hold a candle to the bright red Greens, whose determination to force us all to live the way they think we should makes the old Soviet politburo look like a bunch of benevolent uncles.

I always thought that democracy was created so we could have, in Abraham Lincoln’s immortal words, government of the people, by the people, for the people. But that doesn’t seem to be the way of it any more.

Thanks to the corruption of our electoral system, democracy has transmogrified into government of the politicians (if our electorate tosses us out, we can stay on as party list members), by the politicians (we know best, so you’ll do it our way), for the politicians (we’ll stay in power no matter what we have to do or what odious compromises we have to make).

I always thought, too, that so-called conscience votes were just that – an opportunity for parliamentarians to vote according to their personal beliefs and not have to toe the party line.

No more. The rotten electoral system, with its self-serving coalitions and alliances, has put paid to that, too, and now we have Labour whips flogging their MPs into line in case their vote might offend an individual or group on whom it depends to govern. You can smell the stench of that from North Cape to Bluff.[/quote]

Excuse the pun, but that is as a good a flogging as the government has gotten, even Panty Slut-Boy would admire that flogging.