Give them a break

This government really knows how to screw over the handicapped.

First up they brought in their stupid minimum wage rules which saw many workshops happily keeping handicapped adults busy close because they now had to pay the "workers" minimum wage despite the fact they could neither do a minimum wage job or do it without supervision.

That stupid decision cost my brother-in-law his workshop…now he does "activities" like visiting the library, and swimming and going to the zoo instead of a structured "work day". He no longer talks about going to "work".

Now we hear that disabled families are having to fill out annual reviews or have their benefits cut for thing slike Down’s Syndrome. Like that is ever going to get better. You have Down’s Syndrome, you have it for life. It doesn’t change or improve or anything, it just is.

But, oh no, the silly bureaucrats want you to fill in an annual return to see if anything has changed. Let me tell you the only thing that changes is if you have died.

This leads me onto a tirade about the welfare system. I believe that people with disabilities should have gold plated welfare. Sucks to be them, right now having to share the pie with a bunch of ingrates, ne’er-do-wells and lazy fuckers. If we made welfare truly for those through no fault of their own have had a bum hand dealt to them then our welfare system would be truly world class. Instead we have a bunch of leeches sucking it dry so those who are genuinely in need get almost nothing and even then have to fight for every penny they deserve.

Welfare has become a hammock instead of a safety net.

And if the government has been so successful in getting people off welfare, why does WINZ keep growing and recruiting more staff and leasing more premises? Why has the welfare budget not reduced? Why is there not more money going to those who truly need it? Huh? huh?

Tough questions, yet all we get are pansy answers. Time for a change.