Herr Rottenf?hrer Carter tries to moderate the Interweb

Herr Rottenführer Carter has appointed himself arbiter of the Interweb and judge of all things said on blogs and in the process lost the ability use a spell checker.

For your information Jordan, knickers has a k.

Of course Herr Rottenführer in his pontification has shown his hypocrisy by railing against the toxic hate that is spewed by people like me apparently by …ummmm…spewing toxic hate my way by abusing anyone who differs from Herr Rottenführer view of blogging by saying "Years of political, organisational and intellectual failure and the boredom of life in opposition has created some angry young men.

He then personalises the attack on me by questioning my mental state not once, not twice bu three times. Perhaps he should watch really carefully John Kirwans ads and think a little about his hysterical little stance.

And what is actually wrong with having a Charity Boxing match? Apart from the fact that of all the volunteers for bouts were from the Right, except an ACT supporter who decided he would like to be in the left team (the irony is delicious) and Welly Girl who clearly has more balls than the entire left wing of the blogosphere.

I suspect the real nub of the problem lies with the pasting Labour is currently taking and that having a Charity Boxing Match is somehow "Tory Charity" again.
Just in case you didn’t know Rottenführer Carter we live in a democracy not a "totalitarian regime founded on the desire to intimidate, and silence, people who disagree with them".

that means I can say what i like and you can squeal, but you can’t shut me up or even try. So crawl back to your cosseted little Labour Party drivel-hole whence you came.