Is this another CYFS victim?

I read an article in the Herald this morning where a Grandmother is glad her grandson is dead because he had a crap life, all 14 years of it. When you analyse it, perhaps it was crap;

  • Tantrums and anger outbursts at age 3
  • Stealing at age 5
  • Breaking and entering at age 7
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Glue and petrol sniffer
  • Car converter
  • Mongrel mob prospect

Yep it can’t get much worse. But careful reading of the article reveals some chilling things.

[quote]The family had sought help through various agencies and a psychological assessment showed he had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

He had also been a glue and petrol sniffer.

Pehi’s parents and his whanau had loved and cared for him but had been at a loss about what to do about his misbehaviour.

Child, Youth and Family counsellors, psychologists, police, teachers, and whanau had all tried but failed to address his behavioural problems.[/quote]

This kid has almost every State agency involved in his life and still he managed to kill himself in a stolen car trying to evade the Police. It appears that every state agency that touched this kid gave up on him as well. Yet another victim of the State system designed to protect and nuture…yeah right.

Oh and as an aside….this is the underclass that John Key talks about and the Prime Minister denies.