Jim Hopkins take a bow

Jim Hopkins has written an absolutely superb piece in todays Herald about the smacking debate and violence towards children.

It is a must read and is so logical I defy anyone put up a plausible argument.

The money quotes are;
[quote]It’s been reported the Government is whipping its members to support Ms Bradford’s bill, which seems an odd thing to do when its aim is to abolish smacking.

If a parliamentarian doesn’t own their own conscience, they own nothing. And we owe them nothing either. Not loyalty, or respect.

Any MP prepared to surrender their conscience in a conscience vote has betrayed themselves. And us.

Such folk would be wise to borrow a spine from a jellyfish and spend the rest of their lives doing something commensurate with their principles – like winding back odometers.

Because it is utterly inconsistent to assert that the decision to do a violent thing before a baby is born is a matter of personal choice, but the decision to do a less violent thing after a baby is born is something over which we should have no choice at all.

If it’s not okay to beat or smack a baby then it cannot be okay to abort it.

But if aborting a baby before it is born is a matter of choice for half the human race, then a consistent politician must – however reluctantly – give all parents the same right to choose.

Either that or ban both. It has to be one or the other.

But if Sue Bradford’s bill passes, abortion will be the only act of reasonable force which anyone caring for our babies can choose to perform. Everything else will be illegal.[/quote]