Kiwi's need force to save

Kiwi’s according to the Herald need to be forced to save for their retirements.

This of course is complete tosh.

Whenever anyone moans to me about needed incentives or some other such thing to save i always tell them we have such things already and then direct them to this site to find out just how good their tax-payer funded retirement is going to be.

NZ Superannuation Annually* Weekly*
Couple (both partners qualify) $21,112 $406.00
Couple (one partner qualifies) $20,131 $387.14
Married Person $10,556 $203.00
Single (living alone) $13,722 $263.90
Single (sharing) $12,667 $243.60

* Taxed at M, net rates.

If that isn’t an incentive then people just deserve the retirement they get. Fucking hell I know people that the annual amount would be an Amex bill for them.

If your retirement plan is to let the government take care of you then that is a bloody stupid plan. name one thing that governments actually do well.