Labour's hurting, out come the insults

Labour must be hurting real bad after a week of nothing buy John Key on the front pages.

How do I know, well because they have started hurling insults again, resorting to form as usual.

John Key’s suggestions for Food in Schools are "Tory Charity" and they stand accused of bullying schools. Smarmy Maharey used the line and also slammed the 15,000 hungry kids figure as a guesstimate whilst the Killer Queen stated that there was no evidence of such numbers. We all know now the figure is more likely 80,000 kids.

Meanwhile their little lapdog Peter "pompous" Dunne has abandoned the Labour line and sidled up to John Key promoting his idea as valid.

Lets examine "Tory Charity"….what is that supposed to mean? Clearly it is different from "Socialist Charity" which is obviously money stolen from the unwilling and given to the poor. "Tory Charity" on the other hand is money given freely to those in need. It is almost as if the Labour Party thinks they have a monopoly on charity.

Think again socialists…you don’t own charity.