Less taxes, more taxes, how about both?

Cullen is the ultimate Scrooge. He is currently trying to get some tax cuts in, but after 7 years of telling everyone that tax cuts are evil he is trying to find the right spin to bring them in.

He may have found it by doing the classic socialist thing, giving with one hand and taking with the other. He is exploring tax cuts but tying them to savings. Classic stuff…you can have tax cuts but you aren’t allowed to enjoy the benefits of them just yet….arsehole!!!

To top it off he is also looking at introducing a levy on fixed rate mortgages….did I say levy, what i really meant was another fricken tax, again aimed at the poor old home owner trying mitigate interest rate hikes. Double fricken arsehole!!!

Great so this is the vaunted homeowners package they have been wanking on about huh!! Tax Cuts but you can’t have it and, oh! BTW way cop that tax on your fixed rate mortgage. Triple arseholes!!

Heres a thought , it is our fricken money, stop taking more than the government needs to operate and we will all get on just fine, arsehole.