Mallard lied about Stadium

Papers released to the NZ Herald show that Mallard seriously misled the public during his campaign of mass distraction over the Waterfront Stadium.

He also scrawled the word "Rubbish" over a letter from Ports of Auckland.

Perhaps the most damning revelation though is the letter from Fletcher Building infrastructure division chief executive Mark Binns who wrote to Mallard on September 15, saying the waterfront option was unrealistic.

At the height of the stadium distraction, Fletcher Building was touted as the likely constructer of the new stadium and Mallard assured everyone that it could be built contrary to Binn’s advice.

Mr Binns said Eden Park was not an optimum location but "delivery of a 60,000 seat stadium on the Auckland waterfront by 2011 is not realistically achievable".

This minister should resign, but given the track record of Labour ministers resigning for overstepping the mark we are likely to see hell freeze over before this boof-head is reigned in.