More flips and flops and flaps than a fishing trawler

Labour is all over the place like a mad womans poo at the moment.

They are copping a flogging (and only Panty Slut-Boy can be happy about that) on almost everything.

Helen has lost her grip and Cullen his marbles.

Raising the hint even, let alone musing about smacking the mortgage beltway ( the only beltway that counts) is a certain electoral deathwish, follow that up by saying your chewing gum tax breaks were perhaps a little over the top is a sure-fire way to get some hurt going from the Killer Queen.

I am gob-smacked at the ineptitude shown by normally infallible ministers….ah it reminds me of the last years of Bolger and Muldoon….just wait till Winnie starts cutting up rough, and he will, mark my words, he always does.