More on the so-called Independent Inquiry

The evidence is mounting that Labour’s so-called "Independent" Inquiry is far from independent, in fact it is appearing to be a Labour Party set up.

Check this out, independent rates inquiry panel member Christine Cheyne is a former worker in Helen Clark’s office.

And that to the other things I blogged about yesterday and it has all the hallmarks of a fit up.

UPDATE: Trevor Loudon has even more on this sorry pack of socialists.

UPDATE TWO: The irony is that John Carter tried to draw attention this shabby state of affairs last year.

(Scroll down about halfway, or search for "Cheyne"

[quote]John Carter: Is the Minister aware that Mr David Shand twice stood as a Labour Party candidate in the Wellington Central electorate, and that Dr Christine Cheyne worked in the Prime Minister’s office in 2001 and 2002; what steps has he taken to ensure that no conflict of interest exists that might undermine the independence of this much-needed inquiry, and is he sure that we will not end up with the same sort of thing we had with the Ingram inquiry?[/quote]