O'Sullivan points out a few facts

Right Wing "Blogger" Fran O’Sullivan again gets down to tin tacks in reviewing the situation with the Philip Field saga.
[quote]Field, just like former Police Commissioner Peter Doone before him, had already been politically ambushed by an unsourced story in last week’s Sunday Star Times which (this time) stated that political sources in the capital had told the paper that the police could move within days on charges which could include breaches of the Immigration Act and corruption.

It would not be surprising if Field suspected Clark’s hand in the story given her track record in Doone’s fall, and the escalation of her rhetoric against him. And who could blame him for busting out?[/quote]

Of course the rat cunning of Field has only made Clark’s position worse, she is now in the same position as Jenny Shipley was when she was propped up by Alamein Koopu. Helen Clark had a lot to say about that at the time and those words will now haunt her.