O'Sullivan turns her sights on the Council

Right Wing Blogger Fran O’Sullivan turns her sights onto the Auckland City Council over their ludicrous proposal to ban billboards.

Fran has delved into the process, and I use the term process loosely, and finds it wanting. Very wanting in fact.

[quote]The analysis tends to suggest that just 157 of the 745 complaints last year related to billboards – but as no breakdown is provided, it is hard to work out whether the grounds the council’s majority faction is relying on to scupper a multi-million-dollar industry are solid or simply the result of political payback time.[/quote]

Fran helpfully provides some advice for people concerned at the East German-like plans for our city.
[quote]Businesses taking issue with the council’s proposals have just two weeks to file a submission, which can be found at aucklandcity.govt.nz.

The ban will not come into force until May so there’s plenty of time yet for businesses to make their opposition felt.

Just use a billboard.[/quote]

Heh, looks like some are.