Quote of the Day award

The Herald has an online area to make your feeleings felt. Todays focus is on the ACC jumket-a-thon that this current coucil continues to run.

Here are some of the best quotes;
[quote]Aaron Bhatnagar
Make the next council junkets one way flights. This will save voters the hassle of throwing out the dozen wasteful, incompetent and self-centred councillors who have been running the council over the last two years. Hamburg and Bilbao will no doubt be delighted with the village idiots they will soon receive.

Ted Heath
Junket! Junket! Junket! Mr Mayor,stop wasting my hard earned rates dosh on dumb trips. Especially to Hamburg. Only a few decades ago the New Zealand Airforce was trying to level the place. I dont want one cent of my rates money going to a city which caused loss of so many Kiwi lives. Stick to spending on streets, footpaths, parks and libraries.

Paul B
Mr Mayor may be hoping to sell an extra $500 million of cornflakes to the city of Hamburg but I do no think this will mitigate the recent rates rises or our crap infrastructure. Scrap all sister city arrangements unless they provide tangible benefits to the city not just business class skives our councillors and their flunkies seem to indulge in on a regular basis (I would not be worried if something apart from endless reports came from them). Do the ratepayers of other cities put up with their councillors appetite for overseas travel? It would be interesting to know.

B Clark
Sister city? Oh brother! It is just a deceitful pretext for councillors to get free holidays all over the world at the long suffering ratepayers expense! Hubbard justifies his trip by saying he made a speech? I hope it was better than this pathetic line of BS he is feeding us! He is sick of junkets? So are we! Sack these parasites and bring back Mayor John Banks! He at least finished building spaghetti junction![/quote]