1. I wonder how long it will be before the phrase "Vote early and vote Often" will be on everyones lips?
  2. Is Sonic from this planet?
  3. Is there anyone from the left apart from a girl willing to raise funds for charity in the ring?
  4. I wonder if the Australians like the taste of shit, yet?
  5. What is a "thhhstadium", Trevor?
  6. Didn’t yesterday remind you of Marilyn Waring vs. Muldoon?
  7. How long will Winston play nice with Stinky and Blue?
  8. When will the government realise that tallow is a) unavailable and b) doesn’t work for Bio-Fuels?
  9. Will we get all our sugar cane from Fiji to ethanol?
  10. Won’t that just be a little hard right now?
  11. Didn’t Labour use Field vote to ram through the retrospective legislation?