She's been got to

It looks like Labour is trying to pull the rug out from under John Key by pressuring Princpals of schools now.

The heavy jackboots of the Killer Queen are evident all over the latest story, where the prinicpal of the local school in Owairaka has all of a sudden done a flip flop of the plan for Tasti Foods to start providing breakfast in her school.

[quote]Mr Key said Ms Parkin’s attitude had changed since he spoke to her on Friday.

"I think what you can assume is that there’s been influence from the ministry, from the Labour Party," he said.

"It’s a tragedy they would be prepared to put their own self-interest ahead of an Opposition party’s attempts to do something for kids."

Mr Key said he made it clear to Ms Parkin there would be media interest in his plan.

"Something in the last 48 hours changed, and the only assumption I can make is that there was external influence."[/quote]

Yeah you betcha there has been influence most likely from the Killer Queen and from the absentee MP Phil Goff both of whom were caught with their pants well and truly down around their ankles.

As for Phil Goff saying "If he had visited the area first he might have been better aware of the situation", well WTF would you know Phil, you don’t even live in your electorate.