Some sensible debate at last

Finally some sensible debate in the Herald about Climate Change.

Fran O’Sullivan opines in her column about the dodgy tactic of the left in calling anyone who asks the hard questions about climate change a "denier".
[quote]Plenty of NZ greenies – pumped up by studies ranging from last year’s UK Stern report to last week’s UN report – are quick to use the label "denier" to undermine any business leaders or companies wanting to ensure a proper debate takes place before the Government imposes costly strictures on businesses to offset their effect on the environment.

The use of the word "denier" is lamentable.

What the true believers are trying to do is put anybody who expresses some scepticism over man’s contribution to the global warming phenomena on the same level as Holocaust deniers.

They are painted as dangerous nutters who must be put down in case they infect the rest of us with the notion that man might not be the main culprit in global warming but that other influences such as sunspots might also be part of the mix, and that a doomsday outcome which wipes man off the planet is by no means inevitable.[/quote]

Yes quite….as time goes on I predict we will see that anthropogenic climate change is complete bollocks and nothing more than the greatest hoax perpetrated on mankind by scientist since the moon landings.