Tell me this isn't blatant revenue gathering

The NZ Police have come up with a novel new revenue gathering mechanism. They target Mum’s and Dad’s dropping off their kids to school.

I am trying to find a road safety message in the story, but am struggling especially when figures of 1200 kids have been killed or injured around schools in the last five years are bandied about. What I want to know is how many were killed and then that correspondingly gives me the number of injured. This is important because if just 1 kid has been killed then 1199 were injured and the statement 1200 were killed or injured seems a little over the top.

Now I have looked at the Stats for last year and found that 43 Pedestrians were killed in road accidents last year. Not all of those would have been kids. In fact just 6 of those 43 were kids under age 15 and a further 7 between ages 15 and 24. So extrapolating those out over the last five years what do we have.

Well we have 240 deaths or injuries per annum, of which only 6 are fatal. that is a 2.5% death rate for those involved in accidents as pedestrians around schools. Given that there are 753,000 students and 50,000 teachers the chance of actually being a kid and getting killed is in reality is almost non-existant at 0.0008%

That percentage is even better than our infant mortality rate of 6.48 deaths per 1000 births. So it is more survivable to be a school kid than an infant.

Drowning is statistically a better cause for protecting kids with 92 dead in 7 years, far outstripping the supposed dreaded roads outside schools. Each year, on average, 20 children under 15 years of age drown. Perhaps the Police should be monitoring school pools rather than the road.

This is nothing more than a complete waste of Police resources for a non-existent problem. It is simply revenue gathering.