The Ghost of Muldoon stalks still.

Helen Clark is daily taking on a more and more Muldoon-ish appearance and demeanor.

She has now taken to abusing and threatening journalists in defense of her deranged Finance Minister.
[quote]I do raise a more serious issue which is that if media like having access to ministers for reflective interviews on a wide range of subjects, that’s not the way to treat people because you will find that people will give very narrow and focused interviews and refuse to comment on anything outside a narrow brief.

These things need to be dealt with at some level of maturity.[/quote]

She was complaining because Cullen was supposedly meant to have said it was a dead duck, instead what he actually said was "I think that is one area that is worth further investigation,"…..Hmmmmm, doesn’t sound like a dead duck to me.

Ahhh the more we change the more we stay the same.