The Key bandwagon just keeps on rolling

Labour must be at their wits end. All of the news for the past two weeks,despite Labour’s best efforts, has been driven by John Key.

You know you are onto something when the Greens, Peter Dunne and even Matt McCarten all agree with you.

Matt McCarten is perhaps the most surprising, I continually find it amazing that someone with so much intelligence and political skill can continue to blindly follow the socialist path, but hey each to their own.

Anyway even Matt in his own way is complimentary of John Key.
[quote]I thought that the "poor boy made good" was a bit rich (pun unintended), but from what workers tell me, he seems to have successfully positioned himself almost as a working class champion. This must have the Labour strategists worried.[/quote]

Yep, real worried, the dogs will be set loose anytime soon.