There can't be…I said so

Helen Clark is adamant there are no children going to school hungry. There absolutely can’t be she said on Radio this morning. Oh silly me I knew the news this morning couldn’t be true and now the Prime Minister has thoughtfully done my thinking for me.

Of course there are children going to school hungry you stupid self centred bint!!!!

It is estimated that despite billions in extra bribes at the last elections under the guise of Working For Families, up to 15,000 primary pupils will start the new school year today on empty stomachs.

Research by the Poverty Action Group suggested more than 10 per cent of the 125,000 primary-age children in the country’s poorest schools were malnourished and needed food to improve their ability to learn.

So Prime Minister your none is actually 15,000 and your lickspittle Jordan reckons no more than perhaps a 1000 households are in the "underclass"….so each of those must have 15 kids!!!

Open your fricken eyes. Instead of driving through the electorates that blindly vote for you like some African dictator, actually try to engage. Why don’t you come down to Manukau and help me beat away the hordes of the underclass that everyday try to steal from my mates warehouse?

You are out of touch sitting on your throne.