What do you get for $1 million?

If you are the government the answer is sweet fuck all.

The Government has spent well over $1 million on a recruitment drive via a website to link New Zealand employers with skilled overseas migrants.

So far this year New Zealand has two, yes two vacancies advertised and boy are they plum jobs too, a nurse and a hairdresser.

The website is supposed to attract skilled foreign workers to help ease the country’s skills shortage. (a nurse and a hairdresser!!!!)

Twenty-eight job vacancies were on the website last year. Wow!!! that many?

The website cost $1.15 million to design and set up, and a further $86,400 a year to keep running – is a complete and utter failure. Absolutely….$86400 a year to maintain…WTF are they maintaining with only 28 jobs last year that is $3085 to essentially cut and paste some fricken text……Rort, smells like one, tastes like, most probably is one.