When Cultures Collide

This weekend in Howick is Africa Day.

This street carnival is a huge attraction yearly and a great deal of fun.

When I was walking the dog this morning I noticed a poster in the window for Africa Day. I read with interest until I got to the part about the Top Entertainment.

The Top act at 12:30 will be Kaapse Klopse – Capetown Coons…..yeah you read it right Capetown Coons. (see the picture, click to enlarge) and that is them down the bottom all done up like Black and White Minstrels!!!!

Apparently this is all the rage in Capetown, I don’t think us over sensitive PC Kiwis appreciate it though.

One of the posters bylines is "attracting people of African origin to experience the nostalgic tastes and sounds of home…".

Hmmm, maybe not that kind of nostalgia huh!