When is an independent inquiry not?

The answer to this one is easy.

When Labour created the Independent Inquiry of course.

The three on the panel are:

David Shand – former Labour Councilor in Wgtn, former student activist and former Labour Party candidate for wellington Central (in 1972). I note Mark Burton neglected to mention David Shand’s Labour affiliation when announcing his independent inquiry.

Christine Cheyne – A so called specialist in community welfare, who appears to be a Marxist judging by her 1991 essay on Post Marxism and Retro Marxism: Theorising the impasse of the left.

Graeme Horsley – a professional valuer who appears to have been appointed by Labour to various boards in the past, including the BOPDHB.

So much for independence….I wonder if perhaps the MSM might bother to do a little research for once instead of leaving it to the blogs?

Chance would be a fine thing.