When leftists attack

First up I get gummed by Jordan, then Sonic decides to vandalise Wikipedia to achieve his/hers childish homo-erotic fantasies and now Tony Milne has jumped on the bandwagon assailing me and DPF for daring to challenge a darling teacher of the left who is actually a whack job teaching utter shit.

Oh FFS sake guys, Cry me a river, you have done wonders for the traffic, thanks.

On to other things, I knew it wouldn’t take long but the politics of personality are back in play with the lickspittles bursting forth with anti-Key messages. The gnomes in the Labour Party Research unit much have been busy assembling all the quotes so the lickspittles can attack.

You know one thing for sure, when the left attacks personality, you are for sure hurting them, and their focus groups are telling them that.