Why is the answer always more taxes?

Why is it that when faced with an issue the socialists always respond that the solution is more taxes?

Think I am telling fibs?, well witness this little debacle unfolding before your very eyes.

The government formed a so-called independent inquiry to investigate ways of mitigating the "rates burden".

So far they have come up with absolutely no ways to mitigate the burden and in fact have come up with many ways to increase it.

Alternatives for discussion include a local government equivalent of personal income tax, a local consumption tax like GST on goods and services, a citizen’s or "poll tax" on every adult, a payroll tax levied on employers, and taxes that apply to specific industries, for example, a bed tax for funding tourism.

Hmmm…how about cutting back on what councils are doing outside of what they are supposed to do as "core". How about dropping funding for stupid parades and overseas junkets and bridges to nowhere and penalty payments for changing your mind and sustainable housing ventures and affordable housing ideas and gay celebrations and seances and phone calls and marae visits and so on and son on….

See it is easy to ease the rates burden if you just look.