Action Hobson Divorce?

Readers of the Herald would have spotted this article regarding the likely to be shortly approved AMETI (Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative) transport project, which is essentially the Eastern Corridor project of old without the contentious road part across Hobson Bay.

In the article, Christine Caughey of Action Hobson raised the prospect of another Eastern Motorway, and indicated her likelihood of voting against the project.

Not more than a few hours after the Herald went to print, Richard Simpson, Caughey’s Action Hobson colleague, issued a press release indicating his support for the project.

So what’s going on with the dysfunctional duo from Hobson? Are they getting a political divorce? It would seem so, but apart from irreconcilable differences, it would seem that it’s a divorce of convenience.

You see, Action Hobson are in big trouble with local voters due to their many broken promises, voting with the left, unethical behaviour and lack of judgment. So what could save them?

Caughey appears to believe that what can save HER is what got her elected in the first place – opposition to a road across Hobson Bay. Unfortunately, her credibility is shot on trying to resurrect the roading bogeyman from the AMETI project because;

  • AMETI doesn’t even touch Hobson Ward – there’s nothing in AMETI north of Glen Innes. AMETI finishes over 3km away from the mosteastern part of Hobson Ward.
  • She voted $800 million for AMETI in the long term council plan last year, so it’s hard to claim to be against the proposal when you’ve voted to fund it.
  • Simpson and Caughey have helped shepherd AMETI through the council Transport Committee (which Simpson chairs and Caughey attends), so the two-faced weasel can hardly claim doom and gloom now when she’s had 27 months to deliver a plan since she voted down the Eastern Transport Corridor in December 2004.
  • Most importantly, she can’t claim it’s the Eastern Motorway all over again when her anti-motorway colleague is now actively and publicly campaign in favour of it.

What makes this desperation amusing is that Caughey has left Simpson high and dry. Caughey will claim that the AMETI project is going tobe about an Eastern Motorway, while poor old Richard Simpson goes out to champion it as a worthwhile transport package. Divorces aren't pretty, especially when they are all about desperate attempts to survive.