Al Gore, liar and now hypocrite

hat tip TBR.CC

Not only is Al Gore a proven liar but now he is shown to be veritable hypocrite as well.

Al Gore defends his extraordinary personal energy usage by telling critics he maintains a "carbon neutral" lifestyle by buying "carbon offsets," but the company that receives his payments turns out to be partly owned and chaired by the former vice president himself.
[quote]In other words, he ‘buys’ his ‘carbon offsets’ from himself, through a transaction designed to boost his own investments and return a profit to himself," Hobbs writes. "To be blunt, Gore doesn’t buy ‘carbon offsets’ through Generation Investment Management – he buys stocks.[/quote]
Ah the old lefty trick, when in doubt lie and if still in any doubt cheat and lie.

An inconvenient truth indeed.