Another government scheme failing

Following on from the 20Free debacle is the government loan scheme for owners of leaky homes which almost a year after being established hasn't lent even one cent.

Apparently work is still being done to finalise the scheme. It has taken almost a year into a to year trial and it still isn't finalised!!

[quote]John Gray of the Leaky Homes Action Group complained that the loans were too late to help many people who had suffered while officials dithered.

"Is it a bad joke?" he asked. He had helped officials to establish the loan criteria.

"But nothing has been forthcoming," he said.

The Government never put a time limit on the money and had got good publicity from last year's announcement, he said.[/quote]

Yeah. absolutely right, that is the form of this government, announce with fanfare a "solution", then take forever to do anything, when it gets found out blame someone else and annnounce a review and round and round we go.?