Auckland City gives volunteers a slapping

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse with the bunch of muppets running Auckland City we find Sideswipe taking the piss out of them.

Now the council is shitting on volunteers doing what councils should actually be doing.
[quote]A group of keen locals volunteered to look after the gardens and have been doing so for more than a year. However, to continue doing so, they have to incorporate a society, take a lease from the council and pay the legal fees on the same, pay rental of $500 a year, repair the watering system (the gardens have dried out badly in this dry spell), possibly pay for any water and possibly have to pay the Auckland Horticultural Council for the use of the adjoining kitchen and toilet. These requirements have so discouraged the volunteers that there is a strong likelihood that they will ‘throw in the trowel’ and allow the council to plough up the gardens.[/quote]
Arseholes!!! Parks and Gardens are core to a council not fricken globetrotting junkets or talking with spirits or penalty payments or "sustainable housing" or "affordable housing ideas" or parties for poofs or Tarot readings or workshops for bludgers or phone calls to the Congo or or or or the list goes on and on.