Decisions, decisions, a look into Hubbards mind

I have come into the knowledge of a wonderful story about the workings of Auckland City’s Mayor and his thought processes.

Now just a little background for you. Mayor Hubbard was elected mainly off of the back of a ruthless repression of the opposition from exercising any power, and the City Vision led opposition biting back with public demonstrations. Aucklanders became tainted by that despite the fact that there was no infighting on the council majority
between C&R Now, the independents plus Banksie. That team held tight. He was ostensibly supported by Labour and the left and aided by the withdrawal of Bruce Hucker from the mayoralty race. His big catch cry at the time was that he was the "leader" of "Team20", and going to lead Aucklanders to the land of sweetness and light, through "action-based leadership"…….and that is where the fairy-tales end and the nightmares begin.

The latest installment in the slow death of the Hubbard Mayoralty is exclusive to Whale Oil Beef Hooked and gives one a great insight into the parlous state of council goings on under the inept and disaster prone "leadership" of Mayor Hubbard.

Picture this, Wednesday afternoon, Auckland Cup Day, a big occaison for Auckland, it is also the day of the Combined  Committees Meeting, another big day day for Auckland City Council, this is the day where all the committees come together to work out the Draft Annual Plan for the coming year. A big day, I would say for the Mayor, the self-proclaimed "leader" of "Team20" to bring together a divided council to settle the Draft Annual Plan.

So what was Mayor Hubbard up to.  Turns out not much.

He attended for a short time in the morning mainly to push for $600,000 to be allocated to eh Mayoral Task Force for Sustainability……WTF!! I hear you exclaim, Helen has hardly finished failing to try to explain quite what "sustainability" is supposed to be abd Auckland has a Mayoral Task Force for the very same Labour Party slogan!!!!! To boot the Mayor, the ultimate boot-licker to Labour politicians is wanting $600,000 for the Task Force!!!

After that little debate he buggered off for quite some time until urgently called back by Deputy Mayor Bruce Hucker who was fearful that the lefts proposal to reduce the Uniform Annual General Charge was about to be defeated by some canny maneuvering by Richard Simpson and the C&R Now councillors. Where he was nobody knows but the leftists had to rely on some urgent filibustering by Richard Northey in order to give the absent Mayor time to return.

At the end of that vote he buggered off again and was next seen at the races crawling along behind the Killer Queen and her poodle watching her place the bet that won her the devils number of $66.60. He finally returned to council at 5pm after the racing was finished and the photo ops with Queen Helen and her poodle has gone.

So on arguably the most important planning day for the full council supposedly lead by the "leader" of "Team20", where was Mayor Hubbard?

He was absent for most of it, it seems that Mayor Hubbard only wants to give us action based leadership on days there are no races on in Auckland. It is ironic that the infighting that has occurred in the current term has been with the council majority
unable to get along with each other, in addition to the council opposition putting the boot in. Roll on November.